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Busy schedule but still having lunch on time!

Do you work and struggle to have enough time to cook and prepare the healthy lunch you need during work?

Now Ideal Diet provides you with a business lunch with integrated nutrients that help you rejuvenate, increase your energy and productivity, and enhance your mental focus, so you can continue working actively without feeling unproductive lazy.

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Say goodbye to the confusion of choosing the best business lunch

You will no longer be confused about choosing a different business lunch deal everyday, all you have to do is tell us where your work, pick your menu from many options per day and you will receive a daily lunch work 6 days a week for a month.

The membership includes:

  • A main dish
  • A hearty salad
  • A guiltless dessert
  • A bottle of water

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Why sign up for the business lunch from Ideal Diet?

  • Meals full of nutrients

We set a monthly meal schedule that contains fresh, healthy daily cooked meals, full of nutrients and vitamins necessary to restore body activity and increase productivity.

  • Vegetable oil-free meals

We are interested in providing workers with the best business lunches that are low in cholesterol and saturated fats, and we rely on steam cooking and other healthy methods.

  • Local and international dishes

Ideal Tools offers you healthy snacks for work from the most famous international and local recipes that suit different tastes and impress everyone.

  • Foods rich in beneficial fibers

We pay close attention to the amount of nutritional value that the employee will derive from lunches, that is why we provide meals rich in fiber that do not cause fatigue for the stomach and intestines.

  • Mood-improving foods

It is recommended that the employee eats healthy business lunch for work that contains vegetables and fruits that release the hormone dopamine that makes him happier, creative and interact with others.

What do Ideal Diet experts offer to employees?

  • Healthy meals

Ideal Diet provides you with meals with various elements and nutritional value, in the correct proportions that the employee needs during work to be able to perform his duties and professional work.

  • Customers service

A technical staff specialized in providing a level of service that exceeds customer expectations, ready to respond to your inquiries and provide consultations that meet your needs.

  • Accuracy in delivery

Ideal Diet works hard to deliver food on pick up times that suit the staff, and delivery starts two days after the membership is purchased.

  • Nutritional advice

In ideal diet, we offer you 3 nutritional consultations within the membership fee, answered by experienced and qualified health food experts.

  • Low prices

Low-priced and economical business lunches are delivered for all employees in different companies, all you have to do is subscribe to the membership and we take care of healthy foods.

Perfect gift for employees within your organization

Your workplace does not provide you with healthy meals and does not have enough space to set up a cafeteria?

Now you can get the best business lunch, with a variety of nutritional value, suitable as a gift for your ideal employee, and benefit you to increase the productivity of all your workers because they contain vitamins and minerals necessary to nourish the employees physically and mentally, besides you do not have to worry about getting them, because they reach your workplace in the simplest and fastest way.

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Healthy fast food

There is no need to order fast food daily at work to obtain food, as it is the main cause of obesity even weight gain, as well as lethargy and sleep during working hours. Ideal Diet provides you with healthy and useful alternative meals. Long working hours need balanced nutrition that gives you a feeling of satiety for a longer period, the charges you with the energy required to perform your duties properly.

Sign up now and get healthy fast food to work.

It’s not just healthy meals, it’s a lifestyle

The idea of ​​having healthy meals at work is not only considered a diet suitable for vegetarians or those who want to lose weight, but rather a lifestyle that suits all employees who wish to obtain high nutritional value. Liked by many employees and made their mood and psychological state much better despite the many work pressures.

Try eating healthy meals at work. You will see the difference in your health and mood

Still eating fast food while working?

Recent studies have proven that eating fast food frequently has a significant impact on brain cells, causing job stress and poor productivity, so make your choices always healthy even if you are at work, Ideal Diet takes care of your health and provides you with work snacks that get you where you were easy.

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