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Do you want to get a healthy and strong body?

Intense exercise alone is not enough, you need a healthy meal plan for athletes that increases muscle and helps you achieve your sports goals. Ideal Diet offers an athlete diet plan to lose weight and build muscle, that contains balanced nutrients and healthy meals, suitable for athletes whether their beginner or advanced exerciser.

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Break your own records and enjoy the most delicious healthy meals

Your body is dependent by the food quality. Do you want to improve it?

The first stage in losing weight is follow diet, an athlete weight loss meal plan, to loss fat and build muscle.

Because it takes your time and effort in preparing many daily meals, the Ideal Diet team will help you, by preparing 7 balanced healthy meals, delivered daily for 6 days a week. Membership includes:

  1. breakfast
  2. lunch
  3. dinner
  4. Salad
  5. 3 snacks

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Why sign up for the healthy meal plans for athletes from the Ideal Diet?

  1. low calorie and balanced meals

We put a balanced athlete meal plan that contains 7 healthy daily meals that match with your sports goals.

  1. High protein meals

We put an athlete diet plan to gain muscle, which is consist of large meals containing protein from both source animal and plant sources, suitable to the athlete preferences and needs. 

  1. Healthy fats meals

The athlete diet plan it also containing the healthy fats that meets to the daily needs reqiuerments , such as olive oil and nuts and sources of omega 3.

  1. Carbohydrate meals

The diet plan for athletes needs carbohydrates to loss fat, produce energy and improve performance during exercise.


  1. foods that improve the mood.

we provide you with healthy snacks that contain vegetables fruits and healthy sweets that release dopamine hormone and improve mood swings.

Healthy Food is fuel for your muscles.

A daily diet plan for athletes is like the fuel that drives you to exercise actively, so whether you are looking for a bodybuilding, or for weight loss, you will find in Ideal Diet meals that achieve your fitness goals, and these meals will also reach your home Easily

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What do we offer you for athletes?

  1. healthy food

Ideal Diet provides you a balanced of nutritional value meals, balanced meals will vary for each individual, depending on their body’s daily requirements that the athletes need during exercise in order to achieve goals, whether by losing or gaining weight, and building muscles

  1.  customers service

A technical staff specialized in providing a level of service that exceeds customer expectations, ready to respond to your inquiries and provide consultations that meet your needs.


  1.  Accuracy in delivery

Ideal Diet ensures that deliveries are on time that suit the athletes to eat before and after training, and delivery starts two days after membership is purchased, free delivery within Doha city.

  1. Nutritional consultation

In Ideal Food, in an ideal diet, you will get 3 nutritional consultations within the membership, answered by qualified health food experts to help athletes reach the ideal body.

  1.  low cost

Low priced meals delivered to all the athletes in the different levels, all you have to do is subscribe to the package and we take care of healthy foods.

Are you ready to start a healthy lifestyle now?

Set your goal this year and make your health a priority. Whatever your level, take the first steps to change your life for the better, and let us help you develop a nutritional program for athletes that enables you to achieve your goals easier and faster, and say hello to a fit and slim body.

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